New Feature – Metric Deletion

Behind the scenes in Metricfire we’re constantly at work building new features and improving old ones, but a feature we’ve deliberately held back on until now is the ability to delete a metric. Our philosophy is that you should measure everything that your application does, and figure out the most useful data points later. That said, it’s human nature that mistakes will happen when creating a metric – typos in a metric name, test sites sending data you’re not interested in, or anything else that creates metrics that aren’t useful to you.

We’ve finally added an interface to quickly and easily determine which metrics are not used, and then delete them. A simple spark line chart will show whether the metric has been collecting data, and a summary screen will tell you whether it’s used on any graphs before you make a decision to remove it.

Just select “Apps and Data” from the main navigation menu and you’ll see all your applications, metrics, and a spark line of the data from each.  See our 30-day free trial and try it for yourself.