New Feature – Graph Image Embedding

While we’re delighted if you want to use our dashboards for your reporting needs, we also realize that a lot of people have their own internal reporting and dashboarding setups, or just want to share a graph quickly with someone else.

Metricfire embed menu option Next to your graph’s action menu, you’ll find the new ‘Embed’ option, which will give you a URL to a static image of that graph. You can configure some simple options such as the image size and the format – we’re providing the graph data in PNG or SVG formats for you to play with. This URL is unauthenticated and you can use it anywhere, like embed it into your own dashboards, your back-end admin system, or put it on a big TV in your office.

The tech side of it is a slight departure from the rest of our codebase in that we’re using server-side javascript in the form of node.js to convert our existing front-end graphing tools into image data. What’s amazing (to me at least) is the amount of code reuse; with minimal code changes to our front-end javascript we can keep the rich interactive graph stuff in powerful browsers and also get simple images to embed anywhere.

Here’s what the embedding interface looks like:

Using the URL provided you get access to the resulting graph as an image:

Metricfire - Example embedded graph







The ability to embed graphs wherever you want is just one of many new features currently undergoing testing. Check out how we can help you measure application performance.