Node.js Client for Metricfire

We’re big fans of Node.js here at Metricfire – our open source highcharts rendering service Dali is written in Node and we’ve been happily using it in production for several months. As I prepared this blog post, my co-founder Charlie was giving a talk over the other side of the world at the first¬†Node JS Dublin¬†meetup and it seems as good a time as any to announce our Node.js client for Metricfire.

As with our other clients, this is a fast non-blocking client that will not compromise the speed of your application and allow you to send thousands of events per second.

We’ve already found our Node client useful – it helped us identify a memory leak:

This sort of “up and to the right” behaviour is desirable in many things, but not memory usage. The code for getting this data out of Node and sending it to Metricfire is very simple:

Our node.js client can be installed right from npm:

$ npm install metricfire

If you like documentation, you can find it on, along with docs for all the other client libraries and the HTTP API.

Check out our free trial and see how you can easily measure and graph what’s happening in your application.